"Everything is as it should be."

                                                                                  - Benjamin Purcell Morris



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BREAKING NEWS: Good Things Happening to Good People!

It's been very busy here at Mission Control, so please forgive the sporadic postings of late. To catch everyone up, there has been some shocking evidence discovered that proves the theory "Good things happen to good people" and disproves my previously long held belief that "Good things only happen to the most horrible people imaginable". 

Here's the evidence and the good people.


My dear friend, the beautiful and talented Christina Chang, can now be seen kicking ass as Megan Vannoy on ABC's "Nashville". Be sure to check her out every Wednesday night at 10 p.m., or catch up on what you've missed On Demand. Christina is as great an actress as she is a friend, which is saying quite a lot, so make "Nashville" a regular in your TV viewing.




This autumn it is full spectrum dominance from our Resident Rock God and all around great dude Dave Patten as he is currently touring parts of North America in support of his EP "On This Ledge". Just as Christina Chang is kicking ass in "Nashville", Dave Patten is kicking North America right in the ass. If he's coming to your town, definitely make the time to go and see him. He puts on a fantastic live show that is not to be missed. Follow the link to see the tour dates. 

Dave Patten Tour Dates.

The other big event in the Dave Patten full spectrum dominance invasion, besides crushing America beneath his Rock God boots, is that he is starring in his first feature film. "Delivery Man" starring Vince Vaughn and the aforementioned Dave Patten opens nationwide November 22.  



And last but certainly not least, the lovely and multi-talented Jill Latiano has produced a powerful documentary about genetically modified foods titled "GMO OMG". Please follow the link below to find when and where you can see this film. And trust me, you should really see this film, it is eye-opening to say the least. 

 "GMO OMG" directed by Jeremy Seifert







Congratulations to Jill, Christina and Dave. Here's to hoping you all continue to prove that good things can happen to good people!!