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Meathead Beats the Dead Horse of Collusion


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Hollywood is churning out all-star videos in order to try and convince Americans that Trump is guilty of “collusion”.

For the last three months there has been a bombshell story hiding in plain sight about an obscure government document that has been criminally under-reported by the establishment press. Thankfully Hollywood is here to save the day and shed some much needed light on this ever-elusive information.


The document I am referring to, of course, is The Mueller Report, which according to Academy Award nominated filmmaker and Hillary Clinton fanatic Rob Reiner, is an absolute mystery to ordinary (non-famous) Americans. In a patriotic act the equivalent of storming the beach on D-Day, Reiner has done a truly courageous and heroic thing to bring attention to this long ignored story…he made a five-minute video with his Hollywood friends.

On Thursday, June 20th, a group named Now This put out the video directed by Reiner, that features celebrities such as Robert DeNiro, Laurence Fishburne and even former president-on-tv Martin Sheen, highlighting what they believe to be the criminality of Trump exposed in the report.

Reiner has been in the vanguard of Hollywood’s pro-Hillary contingent and is a vociferous proponent of Trump and Russia’s collusion in the 2016 election. In 2017, he teamed with Bush administration war criminal David Frum to start a group called Committee to Investigate Russia. This group also put out a video, one that starred former president-in-the-movies, Morgan Freeman, and it boldly declared that “We Are At War” with Russia.

With that statement in mind it should come as no surprise that Rob Reiner came to fame in the 1970’s playing a character named Meathead on All in the Family. It is nice to know he is still living up to the moniker. Reiner is Hollywood royalty, being the son of comedy legend Carl Reiner, then a tv star in the aforementioned Meathead years, and then becoming one of Hollywood’s most successful filmmakers, having directed hits like This is Spinal Tap, The Princess Bride, When Harry Met Sally and A Few Good Men.

In his most recent work, the Now This - Mueller Report video, Reiner tries to use his moviemaking prowess to make the argument that Trump is guilty of “collusion” but that no one realizes this because they haven’t actually read the Mueller Report. The video starts off on very shaky logical ground when just 44 seconds in Rosie Perez emphatically declares, “virtually no one has read” the report. It pains me to point out to Meathead and Ms. Perez, which could be the title of a future buddy cop movie, that the Mueller Report has been published by three different publishing companies, and all three of those versions currently sit on the New York Times best seller list at #1,#5 and #12. 


Reiner’s claim also ignores the fact that the press has reported on “virtually” nothing but Mueller’s investigation for the last two and a half years. Considering the plethora of Mueller stories to the point of saturation in the media, the putting out of this video by Reiner is an act of animal cruelty worse than anything seen at Santa Anita racetrack because at least at the track they properly dispose of their dead horses instead of continuing to beat them.

In an amusing bit of irony, Reiner and his Hollywood cohorts who claim no one has read the report, prove themselves to either have not read it or not understood it when they repeatedly claim that Trump is proven guilt of “collusion” within its pages. The numerous references to “collusion” made me think of Reiner’s classic comedy The Princess Bride and the character Inigo Montoya who says in the film, “you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

“Collusion” is a nebulous word in the context of the Trump/Russia story and people who use it only do so to disinform and distract. As the Mueller Report states it did not use “collusion” in their assessment of potential criminality because “collusion is not a specific offense or theory of liability found in the United States code”.

Reiner and company intentionally say “collusion” instead of the more specific colloquial term ‘coordinated’, or the detailed legal term ‘conspiracy’, in order to mislead viewers about the contents of the Mueller Report. This obfuscation is proven by the report when it clearly states, “The investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian Government in its election interference activities”.

In Reiner’s video Cliff Notes version of the report he also holds up Trump campaign officials Paul Manafort and Rick Gates meeting up with a “Russian agent” in a cigar bar in New York City in order to give him polling information as a sort of smoking gun. The video fails to mention the “Russian agent’s” name, which is Konstantin Kilimnik, maybe because he is also Ukrainian and clearly isn’t a “Russian Agent” because he was actually a “sensitive” intelligence asset for the U.S. State Department who would report to them on Ukrainian and Russian matters.

This insinuation of criminality is as equally obtuse as, and reminiscent of, the dim-witted band members from Reiner’s iconic rock and roll mockumentary, This is Spinal Tap, recalling the numerous deaths of their drummers through the years, such as the one who “died in a bizarre gardening accident” that authorities felt was “best left unsolved”, or the drummer who died when he “choked on vomit” but they didn’t know whose vomit it was because “you can’t really dust for vomit”.

The video also declares that Trump officials met with 200 Russian “operatives” and that this again is proof of “collusion”. In Reiner’s Cold War addled mind, every Russian is an “operative” or agent or asset, such as lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, who is described in the video as a “Putin-connected Russian lawyer”, no doubt her “Putin-connection” comes from simply being Russian. 

The sort of Russophobic prejudice displayed by Reiner was best articulated by former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, when in 2017 he said, “…Russians, who typically, almost genetically driven to co-opt, penetrate, gain favor, whatever, which is a typical Russian technique.”

It is obvious that the gullible Reiner has fallen prey to the insidiously deceptive media narrative of Russiagate which is the equivalent of his film The Princess Bride, where liberals are Princess Buttercup and Robert Mueller is the hero Westley, who will save them from the evil Prince Humperdinck, who is Trump.

This current insipid Reiner video is a symptom of the delusional orgy of ecstatic Trump and Russia hating in which Democrats have indulged in recent years. Like in When Harry Met Sally when an older woman (played by Rob Reiner’s actual mother, Estelle) in a diner, who witnesses Sally demonstrate to Harry how she fakes an orgasm, masterfully deadpans the line “I’ll have what she’s having”, liberals watch Rachel Maddow’s orgasmic Russiagate coverage and declare, “I’ll have what she’s having”. The Democrat hysteria over Trump and Russia results in a dangerously distorted perception of reality, a perfect example is the perilous Reiner statement “We are at War” with Russia.

The reality is that because of the intensity of Reiner’s slavish, sycophantic worship of Hillary Clinton, no matter how many political videos he makes, he will convince no one of anything except the fact that he is a rabid political dog chasing his own tail who is close to collapsing onto the floor in a dizzied state of exhaustion and madness. That is the truth, and to quote Colonel Jessup from A Few Good Men, Rob Reiner simply “can’t handle the truth!”

 A version of this article was originally published on June 27, 2019 at RT.com.


Morgan Freeman and the #MeToo Whispers


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Since October of last year when the Harvey Weinstein sex abuse scandal hit the mainstream, the #MeToo movement has been dominating headlines as a cavalcade of famous men faced allegations of having sexually harassed or assaulted numerous people. Besides Weinstein, there was Bret Ratner, Matt Lauer, Kevin Spacey, Charlie Rose, James Toback, Dustin Hoffman, Jeremy Piven, Jeffrey Tambor, Al Franken, John Conyers and Roy Moore to name just a few. 

The #MeToo headlines have abated quite a bit in recent months, but while keeping my ear to the ground out here in Hollywood I have heard the whispers that there is a new target who is being lined up in the #MeToo crosshairs by some major news outlets. 

Ironically, Morgan Freeman was awarded a Lifetime Achievement award at this years #MeToo themed SAG awards.

Ironically, Morgan Freeman was awarded a Lifetime Achievement award at this years #MeToo themed SAG awards.

According to my sources, the man who may be next up to the guillotine is none other than beloved Academy Award winning actor Morgan Freeman. I am not saying that Morgan Freeman has done anything wrong or is a sexual aggressor or anything of the sort, I have seen no proof of that and have only heard rumor and innuendo. What I am saying is that there are journalists actively investigating Morgan Freeman and claims of sexually inappropriate behavior on his part with co-workers and underlings. 

To be clear, I am not Woodward and Bernstein, nor am I Cindy Adams, I am just a guy who writes opinion pieces in a fruitless search for truth. That said, the rumblings out here in La La Land are loud enough that I was able to pick up on them, which means that something is afoot. 

While the media sharks are definitely in the water, that does not mean they will be able to conclusively verify any claims against Morgan Freeman. I have also heard that many women are hesitant to come forward for a variety of reasons, some of which include Freeman's respected standing in the industry, his "good guy" persona, and interestingly, his race. If the story about Freeman does indeed break, he would be the highest profile African-American man to have been named in the recent wave of #MeToo allegations, and would join Bill Cosby in infamy, which for some, complicates the situation.  


I have been contemplating writing about this topic for the last week, then synchronistically, today I woke up to an unrelated yet strange story about claims of an inappropriate sexual relationship in the past between Morgan Freeman and his step-grand daughter E'Dina Hines (by his first wife Jeannette Bradshaw).


Ms. Hines was murdered in 2015 at the age of 33, allegedly by her boyfriend Lamar Davenport. Mr. Davenport's attorneys in his current murder trial have released a series of cryptic texts between Hines and Davenport that they say hint at a sexual relationship between Morgan Freeman and Ms. Hines that Davenport claims existed. When, where and Ms. Hines age when the relationship allegedly occurred are not revealed in the story. Freeman vehemently denies all allegations of a sexual relationship with Hines.

The Freeman-Hines relationship made news back in 2012 when some tabloids reported that Freeman was actually going to marry his then 27 year old step-granddaughter, with whom, they claimed, he had been in a relationship for a decade…meaning it began when she was 17 and he was 64.

I do wonder if this story of an alleged sexual relationship between Freeman and his step-granddaugther E'Dina Hines being back in the news will be the impetus for more women in Hollywood to come forward with claims Morgan Freeman harassed them, or will compel those already in contact with journalists to be more forth coming. 

Though I greatly admire Morgan Freeman as an actor and like him as a public entity, I do not know him nor have I ever met him. Hopefully I am misinformed about reporters digging into Freeman's sexual history in the workplace and the stories I've heard of his behavior are wildly overblown or entirely inaccurate, who knows? But from all I have been able to piece together so far, I have a sinking feeling that the whispers i am hearing combined with this bizarre step-granddaughter story I read this morning, are the tip of a very large iceberg, and Morgan Freeman's reputation/career is the Titanic heading straight for it.