Pricing Information:


  • First coaching session is a $100 flat fee regardless of the length of session.
  • $100/hr for all coaching sessions after the first session.
  • Phone, Skype and on-set sessions available as well.

Teaching:  One on One sessions only

  • Eight Week Introductory One on One Class (2 hour class, once a week for 8 wks): $800
  • Six Week One on One Audition Bootcamp (2 hour class, once a week for 6 wks): $600
  • Recurring One on One Scene Study/Audition Prep Class (2 hour class, once a week): $400/Month

Karma Scholarships:
Ask about our two Karma Scholarships for both coaching sessions and classes.

  • Keith S. Hertell Memorial Karma Scholarship
  • Benjamin P. Morris Memorial Karma Scholarship

Child Actors:


  • Coaching sessions and acting classes available at the same rates for Child Actors with our Child Actors' coach/teacher. 



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Contact Information:

Phone: 818-264-5513
Location: Mar Vista, Los Angeles 90066.