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Man of Steel: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Monotonous


Superman is a great American myth and archetype.  It is ripe for a quality re-telling of the story, just as Christopher Nolan re-told the Batman myth with his iconic "Dark Knight" films.  I was hoping "Man of Steel" was going to be to Superman as "Dark Knight" was to Batman.  Alas, 'twas not to be. 

Let me say, the collection of actors in this film is a pretty impressive list.  Russell Crowe, Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, Michael Shannon, Diane Lane and Laurence Fishburne have 11 acting Oscar nominations between them.  The failure of the film is not the fault of these actors.

Henry Cavill plays Superman and is perfectly cast.  He is impossibly handsome and is as ripped as you'd expect a Superman to be.  I first saw Cavill on the Showtime TV show "The Tudors".  He is a fine actor with a subtle charm and dynamic presence, so I hope he doesn't get tainted by the stink of "Man of Steel".  He has the makings of a movie star, but this is a bad film to kick off his climb to the top.  Henry Cavill is not the problem with "Man of Steel".

As for the film itself, I won't go into the painful details, so no need for a spoiler alert, the only spoiler alert would be that the film is a steaming pile of excrement atop a flaming pile of even more excrement.  The main quality of the film is that it is relentlessly LOUD, for no other reason that I can gather except to make sure you don't fall asleep from it's suffocating monotony.  The story is at best incoherent and at its worst schizophrenic.

My best guess as to why the film is so awful, is that the director wanted to make one film, the studio wanted to make another film and the producer wanted to make a yet another film.  I can only hope that none of them wanted to make THIS film.

In conclusion, this film is a wasted opportunity.  A great collection of acting talent along with an iconic character and storyline were not enough to make "Man of Steel" even remotely entertaining or interesting.  "Superman Returns" was an even more horrible Superman film from 2006, followed seven years later by the atrocious "Man of Steel", so if history is any guide we won't have to wait very long for another horrendous Superman film.

If you at the studios have any interest in making another Superman film, I ask that you please contact me.  I have a lot of ideas which may or may not be any good, but lack of good ideas has never stopped you from making a Superman film before.  You have my number and my rates are reasonable....for now.